Bicycle Collisions

Drivers are all too quick to blame a bicyclist when an accident occurs, making claims like the cyclist darted into traffic or wasn't obeying the rules of the road. Drivers tend to forget, however, that they are not infallible and are often the cause of many serious bicycle crashes that can lead to catastrophic injuries and wrongful death.

The attorneys at Salam & Associates, PC , don't just stand by idly when a driver blames a bicyclist for a collision. We thoroughly investigate every case to determine who was really at fault and if compensation is owed to the bicyclist. We then handle every step of the process to make sure things are done correctly and a fair settlement is given.

From our offices in Richardson, we practice throughout Texas and New Mexico. We can also arrange to meet clients in our Las Cruces location (by appointment only).

Protecting the Rights of Injured Bicyclists

When drivers are distracted, fatigued, intoxicated or simply negligent, it's bicyclists who pay the price in the form of life-altering or fatal injuries. At our firm, our lawyers will take all damages into consideration, including: 

• Pain and suffering

• Lost income

• Property loss

• All medical expenses (present and future)

• Loss of enjoyment

• Long-term health care needs

• Modifications to a home to accommodate a disability

• Loss of companionship

• Funeral costs

• Burial expenses

We will listen carefully listen to your side of the story, review and help you understand your insurance policy, handle negotiations with the insurance company, determine if you are being offered a fair settlement and walk you through your options, whether these include accepting an insurer's offer or filing a lawsuit because a negligent driver refuses to accept blame.

With 25 years of experience, lead personal injury attorney Fatima H. Salam always comes prepared to defend your best interests, whatever they may be.

We Address Needs You May Not Have Considered

Bicycle accidents by their nature lead to more devastating injuries than regular vehicle collisions, including: 

• Head and brain injuries

• Spinal cord injuries

• Fractured or broken bones

• Internal bleeding

• Damage to internal organs

• Severe lacerations

You injuries may leave you unable to work or do daily tasks, meaning you may need additional help around the house, with the children, and managing bills and paperwork.

We will help you manage the paperwork related to your injuries and can even help you secure important immigration documents for family members who are coming from another country to help with your recovery.

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