What Causes Accidents in Daycares?

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Millions of parents across all states depend on daycare for their little ones while they work. They put their kids in the hands of daycare staff, believing that their kids will receive the best care and will be protected from harm. Although most kids in daycare indeed stay safe and unharmed, in some cases, daycare staff becomes negligent, leading to all sorts of accidents and injuries in kids. 

Fortunately, states have extensive rules about operating childcare or daycare centers. But despite these laws, a lot of kids still suffer from various injuries while in daycare. 

Potential Hazards in Daycare Facilities 

A broad range of hazards may be present in your child’s daycare facility. Some of the most common include:

  • Storing sharp objects, including scissors, knives, or razors, among others, in places that kids can easily access
  • Improper storage of medications and/or cleaning agents, allowing kids to easily access them
  • Poorly child-proofed entryways and stairwells
  • Improper storage of objects that may cause injury when they fall
  • Furniture and/or playground equipment that is poorly made and/or maintained
  • Improperly maintained vehicles
  • Using defective or recalled toys, furniture, cribs, or other products 

Common Daycare Accidents and Injuries 

Many different accidents could result in injuries at daycare facilities. Among the most common accidents are slipping, tripping, and falling. Kids can likewise sustain injuries, usually to the head, when hit by falling objects placed improperly on high furniture or shelves. Some kids can also be bitten or harmed by pets in daycare centers located in private houses. Kids who may not be supervised closely may get into fights with other kids in the facility.

Also, kids may sustain injuries in accidents that involve the daycare center’s vehicle while being transported during community outings. Storing chemicals in easily accessible places or lead paint in walls, toys, or furniture can likewise cause kids to suffer from poisoning or chemical burns. When the daycare center does not have adequate staff, kids can be easily injured due to negligent supervision. In addition, some kids can be injured due to abuse by daycare workers. Take note that daycare facilities should follow very specific regulations to operate. However, not all of them comply with the rules and have proper licensing.

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The majority of states have very stringent rules and regulations about injury settlements for minor kids. Some states require that a judge approve the settlement for kids that are under 18 years old. Just as courts do not permit parents to waive their kids’ legal right to compensation in contracts with daycare facilities, courts likewise want to make sure that any injury compensation settlement is in the child’s best interests. 

Daycare injury claims can be quite complicated and become even more complex when multiple parties may be responsible for a child’s injuries. In this light, if your kid gets into an accident at daycare, our experienced child injury lawyer to obtain the compensation they deserve, especially in cases involving daycare abuse, permanent scarring, or injuries resulting in disabilities. Schedule your free claim review online at [email protected] or www.salampc.com or by phone at 866-640-8998. Our attorneys are licensed in D.C., Texas, Michigan, and New Mexico. 


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